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Pinning down nuclear energy

– to the core of the matter

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima shocked the world tremendously. The call to pull out of nuclear energy is getting louder – and more often than not by politicians trying to lure the
favour of voters.
Through the media there are half-truths and false information floating about the global consequences of the disaster and sensational prognoses for the future, all of which are in turn unsettling for the general public. Are the opposers to nuclear energy playing with the fear of the public or is the threat real?
This book tells, in a captivating manner – authenticated with examples and incidents not known by many – what the threat for the area actually looks like. They confront the level of truth in the frightening scenarios and inform about the situation in case of emergency. Furthermore, they examine factors that preceded the disaster and broach the subject of the incredible hunger for energy, which dominates the world and continues to drive the commercial use of nuclear energy. Also the ghost of Chernobyl and its aftermath, which has been dismissed from our minds, is re-examined based on current knowledge.
The book impresses with insider know-how, latest detailed knowledge, amazing facts and an entertaining narrative style.

This book is also avaiable in German: Kernfrage Atomkraft

DI Michael Gerstmayr ist technischer Physiker an der Technischen Universität Wien, Experte für Atomkraftwerke und war Konsulent der Internationalen Atomenergiebehörde IAEA.
Eileen Radde
DI Eileen Radde, Atomphysikerin, arbeitet am Wiener Atominstitut der Technischen Universität Wien und ist Expertin für physische Sicherheit von Kernkraftwerken und Vorsitzende der „Jungen...
Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Helmuth Böck war bis zu seiner Pension im Jahre 2008 über 40 Jahre Betriebsleiter des Forschungsreaktors an der TU Wien /Atominstitut. Er verfasste über 210...

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